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‘Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like’

One of my unique products and services that I offer is my ‘storybook’. These differ somewhat to other photographers as they are all ‘one off’ bespoke books. These books are not just a ‘photo album’ but a beautiful unique representation of your day.

These form part of my storybook wedding packages and are now also available as a separate product, giving you the option to have these hand made pieces as an anniversary presents, a special gift or just simply organised at a later date, away from the hustle & bustle of the wedding day itself.

On a number of occasions at wedding fairs Ive been asked ‘if’ I can create a story from someones photos, that have been taken by someone else, sometimes many years ago. It got me thinking.. and yes, I guess I can. As long as you have your copyrights from your photographer, I can create the magical story of your day.

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Below is a list of sizes and pricing options if your looking to create the perfect story of your day, new or old!

1. 8x12 30 page personally design artwork & storybook £500
2. 12x12 40 page personally design artwork & storybook £650
3. 14x10 40 page personally design artwork & storybook £650
4. 16x12 40 page personally design artwork & storybook £800